Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Respect and Submission

Many people, particularly older people, believe in the concept of 'respect your elders'.


The only people I see pushing it are people who don't give anyone respect, but believe that they should be placed on a pedestal due to their age. They do not want respect, they want submission. In my time working in the service industry, the most difficult people to deal with were those who had this air of superiority, angry because they did not get special treatment from the younger people working at the location.

Just recently I have lost a lot of respect for certain people due to their pushing of submission as respect. An uncle of mine has taken to harshly yelling at my younger brother with the intent of 'teaching him some respect'. This is not teaching him respect, this is showing him that my uncle is not worthy of respect, that all he wants is submission to his will. What the hell.

My grandfather is the same way. I have no more respect for him, he has lost it all due to his actions showing that he does not want respect, he wants submission, which nobody deserves.

There was a lot more that I wanted to say on this subject, but I got started on writing it long after I sat down with the intent to do so. I intend to go further on this subject at a later time.

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